Guest Post Opportunity

Would you like to be a guest blogger at This Simple Home?  I'd love to have you!
If you have an unpublished idea that would fit in with the focus of This Simple Home, please email thissimplemom{AT}gmail{DOT}com to tell me your post idea or your completed submission for consideration.

The completed posts will ideally be
  • Organized with an introduction, the "meat" of the post, and a conclusion.  
  • 200-700 words (flexible-especially for recipes).
  • Not published elsewhere (and will not be published in the future).  This needs to be exclusive work.
  • Quality, original writing.  (If this is a recipe, be sure the directions are in your own words.)
  • Include one or more pinnable photos or images of your own.  (Talk to me about this if you are unsure or do not have an image.)
  • A 2-3 sentences bio with links to your blog and up to three social media links, if desired.
  • Post about it on your blog, if applicable with a link to this site.
  • You are welcome to include relevant links from your blog in the post, but limit yourself so it does not look spammy. I won't publish a spammy post.
After the post is published, please share about the post on your blog and social media, if applicable, and I will do the same. 

Post topics include, but are not limited to
  • Crafts
  • Recipes
  • Organizing/Cleaning
  • Homemaking
  • Parenting
I look forward to hearing what you want to share!  Bloggers, this is a great way to gain traffic to your own site and for others to hear about your blog.

~ Annette W. {This Simple Mom}
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  1. Great idea Annette! Can't wait to see what your readers come up with! :)

    1. Me, too! Lots of friends and family would never want their own blog, so this is a fun way to let them blog or to drive traffic to their own site.

  2. I love how you are specific in your needs so that everything is spelled out! I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a request from someone to do a guest post on my blog and all their doing is copying and pasting it over and over on different blogs. Great job!

    1. Thanks, Christine! I am open to a lot, but also don't want to sell out, so I wanted to make sure I was clear in my expectations.

  3. Great idea! I have been really thinking about having guest on my blog too.

  4. I also like how you have your expectations laid out. I haven't gotten in to any guest blogging or accepting any yet.

    1. Thanks, Cari. I feel like my writing time is limited these days, so hopefully it will work out!

  5. Good luck buddy! I know guest posts are awesome for both sides!!

    1. Aren't they though? I've done a few in the past for other blogs and always enjoyed it.

  6. What a great idea... I love that you have given clear details of what you want and don't want. I have guest posted for other blogs and always worried that I am not doing it right... I just may have to come up with an idea for a post but will want to look around more here to make sure I will fit in.. I will let you know.

  7. Oh! Thanks for the opportunity. I hope to contact you soon. :)


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