Mommy and Me Date Night

Friday I spent some time in Big Sister's classroom as the mystery reader.  Upon dismissal, we went on a little date, which is a big deal for us.

We drove into the local college town to visit a nice, used bookstore.  After nearly an hour, we made our way to the register with three of the American Girl: Addy books, along with a memory book.  (She really wanted a lock and key diary, but the store didn't have one.  The memory book was an acceptable, temporary substitute.)

We went to the mall and searched for a belt for Big Sister.  We didn't find one, but we had fun on the escalator at JC Penney.  She requested a photo on the escalator for our date night photo.   (I do not have a smart phone.  I actually carried my camera in my purse through the mall.)
From there we used the bathroom and then had dinner at the food court.
She loved having the choice of anything at the food court. Big Sister enjoyed two tacos from Taco Bell.  I had a chicken cheese steak at Charley's.  After dinner we used the bathroom. Again.  We left the mall and went to Dick's Sporting Goods in hopes of finding softball pants for Big Sister that fit.  We struck out since she's still so small, but we did buy baseball socks for her and Brother.

We ended our night eating ice cream with peanut butter topping with the family.

When asked about her favorite part of the night, I was amazed when she said making butter in her class.  The whole afternoon and evening were special for us!  She needed the extra attention and appreciated guiding the evening's events.

The next morning I took my younger two children to a different used book store.  They weren't nearly as eager for it which just goes to show when we take our kids on dates, we need to make sure it is special for the child!

What do you do on dates with your children?

~ Annette W. {This Simple Mom}
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  1. Hmmmm...... Often times it's just one kiddo going with me for an errand, but sometimes it's dinner and then going to a favorite store.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. Sounds like my kind of date, I love bookstores! My youngest is 15 and the rest are grown. The youngest and I often have "girls day" - salon, nails and lunch. My son and I love to have breakfast together. My older daughter is an outdoor, nature type of girl. They truly are all different. ~Stacy ;)

    1. I think my son would enjoy breakfast out! Great idea, Stacy.

  3. We've been talking about the need for one-on-one dates with the kids. I think that's important (esp. as they are getting older) but we haven't started it up yet. Good for you! And I LOVE the picture of you and M on the escalator. It's great!!


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