Make-Do Cake Server

I try to not accumulate too many kitchen gadgets.  (Though I love them, I don't want to store them to add to the clutter.)  I have a rectangular cake server which "serve" us well during the month of October when we celebrate the three children's birthdays in a one week period.  Other than that, I don't make cake for dessert.  Much.  So I really don't need a second cake carrier.

Recently a friend (the one who gave me the apple muffin recipe) gave me another recipe for a chocolate chip cake.  Being that it requires no frosting (which I dislike though I eat Cool Whip frosting), I thought I'd surprise my family with it.  Bonus: It was really easy to make since it used a yellow cake mix.
While the cake baked, I pulled out a large plastic bowl with a lid.   It held the bundt cake perfectly.  I placed the cake on the lid and the bowl upside down to cover it.  The bowl transformed to a cake server.

What do you "make-do" with in your kitchen?

~ Annette W. {This Simple Mom}
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  1. I actually do this all the time when I'm bringing a cake somewhere. Cause I can cover with the bowl and it's great for transporting! :)

  2. Ingredients, I made do with ingredients all the time, much to the chagrin of my family.


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