DIY Personalized Girly Softball Glove

With spring's arrival, ball players are preparing for America's favorite past time.  Two of our children will play Little League this spring and summer.  We took our daughter shopping for her first softball glove after two years of t-ball.  I know she was disappointed that the only softball glove that fit her properly was a boring brown.  It was time to personalize and pretty up her softball glove.  What do you think of this decorated softball glove?

I pulled out some pink ribbon and examined the glove to decide where I could personalize it with the ribbon.  My daughter suggested weaving it into the web of the glove.  I thought this was a great idea. 
Weave a Ribbon Through a Softball Glove's Web
1. Cut a long length of ribbon.
2. Tie a knot in one end of ribbon.
3. Attach a safety pin to the other end of the ribbon.
4. Begin weaving through the web.  
5. Continue until finished.
6. Tie a knot at the end.
7. Singe the cut ribbon to keep it from fraying.
8. Play ball!

The ribbon also lets Big Sister find her own personalized glove with just a glance.  She likes the pretty pink ribbon and that it is different from the other girls' softball gloves.

~ Annette W. {This Simple Mom}
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