Say Yes

This was originally posted on January 18, 2012.  It was one of my first posts on this blog, and I am sharing it again because I always need the reminder.

It had rained all night, and the sun was no where in sight on a mild January morning.

After dropping our five year old off at preschool, the three year old, baby, and I went to the hardware store to buy my husband a new screwdriver for his birthday.  (I may have wanted to replace a screwdriver which I helped "strip.")

On the way home, my son asked if he could jump in puddles.  My initial thought was that I just wanted to get inside.  Then I thought about how often I say no because I am tending to the baby or dinner.  (And if I am honest, sometimes because I am too busy with something for myself.)  

It was time to say an enthusiastic YES  to my son's simple request.  The baby was asleep in the car seat and the dishes could wait...because they usually do.  The rain had stopped, and the temperatures were mild.  YES!  

Upon arrival home, I went to the basement to find his new boots.   We put them on, tag and all, and he splashed in the shallow water puddles!

I am also trying to be purposeful in my YES when my children ask for a book to be read to them.  If I am only feeding the baby or on the computer, I can multitask with the baby or stop the computer usage.  I want to say YES because often they get busy with playing (or reading/looking themselves), and then we forget to read!  

It feels good to say YES!  I cannot always say yes, but it's great to do so since so often I cannot.  (I felt this way before reading Hands Free Mama.  Linked to my review.)

What have you said YES to recently?  


  1. I loved this "yes" idea that you have. You are such a good mommy.
    Thanks for sharing it with all of us. We can all learn from your ideas.

    Aunt Janice


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