Super Hero {Create Your Own}

Marvel has created a really cool action figure that encourages children to take it apart and build (and rebuild) their own super hero!  This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own, including that I really like the idea behind a DIY action figure that can be personalized by each child! You might remember that my children love LEGOS.  (In case you need a reminder, I shared about introducing LEGOS, storing LEGOS, and the personalized DIY trays for the lovely toys.)  My five year old son, especially also finds great fun in super heroes, though he doesn't actually know a lot about them. The Super Hero Mashers bring these two together as a creative outlet for my son.
Marvel sent us two Super Hero Mashers to facilitate this post.  They arrived on a Saturday afternoon when the children were upstairs having quiet time.  I opened the box, and my husband quickly claimed Iron Patriot and Doctor Doom for his own (for a few minutes).  He opened the packages and put them together...and then created his own Mash-Up.  Shortly after, he took them to Big Sister and Brother to play.
They both like the idea of creating their own super hero with a distinct name and personality.  Big Sister made Bad Inventor Girl.  She was a good "guy," but her inventions didn't work very well (which is why she is called Bad.  Brother created a few, but the favorite was Fast Runner.  When you have four legs, you run really fast!!  Thankfully, with all of his speed he is also a good guy.

A bit about the Marvel Mashers.  Each Masher is able to be taken apart.  The head, arms, and legs all detach.  Body parts and accessories are swapped with other Masher's pieces.   If your son or daughter likes to take things apart (YES!) and be silly (YES!) or creative (YES!), then these are a great action figure choice.  Obviously, more than one hero is needed so that the parts can be swapped and shared.  These are my children's first super hero action figures.

I really like the out-of-the-box thinking with the toy design and intended play purposes.  The children's personalities shine through their own creations instead of what they have read of other heroes in books or seen on television.

I was able to participate in this campaign through the Mom It Forward Bloggers Network.  This is a compensated post by Marvel Super Hero Mashers, but all opinions are my own.  Thank you for a fun opportunity for our family!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}
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  1. Just to be a brat, Dr. Doom is a bad guy.....

    They look fun, I've seen them on a couple of other blogs, and wasn't quite sure about them. How hard is it to take them apart and put together, and do they stay together well?

    1. Derek told me Dr. Doom is bad...and yes, I had to ask, but thought so by the name.

      They come apart easily, but stay together once together. However, we have had them for less than two weeks, so it's not a true test of longevity.

  2. How fun is this guy! Thanks for sharing. I have to keep my eye out for little boy toys :)

  3. I have two boys who would LOVE these! I'm so glad I read this post :)

  4. We have a few of these too--so fun!

  5. I have a million nephews under the age of 10 who would go nuts for these! So cute!

  6. Oh my gosh! These are way cool. I can think of several boys that would love to receive these for a gift. Thanks for sharing!!


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