Star Yarn Ornament

Each year we like to add to the children's collection of Christmas ornaments.  I especially like homemade ornaments, and this simple star ornament made with yarn and craft sticks was a great choice for our family.

To make this homemade yarn ornament, I hot glued five craft sticks in the shape of a star.  Next time, I would draw a template on paper because it is a bit hard to make a symmetrical star when using hot glue.

Once the star dried, I showed my 5 and 7 year old how to wrap yarn around it.  My two year old "helped" me wrap her star.  When they were done, I tied the loose yarn piece and made a hanging loop.

I suspect this ornament craft is best of school-aged children.  My preschooler (though age 5) had a bit of trouble with doubling up on the yarn.  I do think this would be a lovely craft to complete again in a few years, possibly with yarn with silver or gold in it.  Embroidery floss would provide a nicer texture, though I prefer the simplicity of yarn. This yarn star ornament was inspired by this yarn tree ornament.   You can see that and more like it on my Christmas Creations Pinterest Board.

My 7 year old also made a sweet Christmas tree ornament from felt this year with buttons as decorations.  I thought she would make a few, but she only made one.  She gave it to her best buddy before I could take a photo of it.  :)

If you are interested, you can see cute button snowflake ornament we made.  Several years ago we also made hand print keepsake ornaments.

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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