Tabbed Board Books

This fall I have had the opportunity to review a couple of cute tabbed board books with the theme My Turn to Learn by Natalie Marshall.  These were provided for review purposes by LB Kids, a great book resource.
My Turn To Learn Opposites
My Turn to Learn Opposites has six sets of opposites boldly illustrated.
 Each opposite set is on a page spread, and each has an illustrated tab.  The illustrations are cute and distinctly depict the opposite to assist a young child to understand opposite concepts.  A pair of owls are throughout the book making the book more than just the simple word labels in the book.
My Turn To Learn Numbers
My Turn to Learn Numbers focuses on numbers 1-5 in full page spreads.  Numbers 6-10 share one page spread.  The friendly bear in the book is on each page spread.  I get the feeling he is counting nature items as he walks through the woods.  I like it!  

The My Turn to Learn series also offers books for Colors and Shapes.  These are incredibly durable...much sturdier than a standard board book.  My two year old enjoys the bold nature illustrations.  She can easily navigate the pages of the book with the tabs.  I recommend these books if you like simple illustrations of nature or the ruggedness these offer.  This set is great for building vocabulary and basic concepts.

Thank you, Little Brown Kids, for sending these books for review purposes!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}
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  1. These were provided for review purposes by LB Kids, a great book resource. Useful site


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