Personalized Tray

This past summer I made my first trip to IKEA with my husband for our tenth anniversary.  Honestly, we were fairly clueless walking around.  We didn't notice the floor arrows immediately...but we still had fun and found a few items for purchas.

About two weeks ago, a friend asked if I wanted to join her for an IKEA trip.  I was shocked at how different the shopping experience was with a personal tour guide.  (She was awesome!)  I bought the items I had planned to more.  Shocking, I know.

It was an exhausting trip.  (Half an hour to my friend's house.  At least an hour to IKEA.  Several hours shopping...and eating...)  But so much fun.

While wandering through the store, I saw these trays for $1.99.  I couldn't resist even though the tray is translucent.  The next day, I decided to personalize one for a little man who loves puzzles and LEGOs.  A nicer tray could be personalized with a monogram or last name for a serving or breakfast tray.  A personalized tray could even make a nice wedding or bridal shower gift.
Make a Personalized Tray
Materials Needed:
Mod Podge (in similar finish as your tray)
letters cut from paper

sponge brush
painter's tape
disposable container for Mod Podge (plastic lid or bowl)
1. Simply arrange the letters on the tray as you desire.
2. Place painter's tape above, below, and on the sides the letters.  (I ran out of tape, so I did not place tape on the sides.  I would suggest it though.)
3. Remove a center letter.  Brush Mod Podge where the letter was using up and down strokes.
4. Replace the letter.  Adjust its placement with the toothpick.  Paint Mod Podge on top of the letter using the same vertical brushstrokes. If the letters are close together, you may need to remove more than one letter at a time.  Remove any air bubbles.
5. Repeat this process, working from the center to the outer letters.
In this picture, you can see the brush strokes on the tray.  They are still visible when you look closely on the finished (and dry) personalized tray.  If you look at the finished personalized tray, you can see a the Mod Podge.  Because it is visible, I feel the painter's tape is important for a crisp and straight edge.

If you are making a personalized tray for a girl, consider using SPARKLE Mod Podge!  The glitter is very fine and will not rub off.  I have it as part of my Mod Podge Starter Set which has five 2 ounce bottles in it.  Glitter is actually banned in our home because of its mess, but this is a great way to add the fun.

I just love personalized items.  Though not everyone loves them, I am thankful our circle of friends appreciates to receive them.  See more personalized gifts made by me!  You may also want to explore the "Homemade" link in the sidebar for other crafts.  If you have a LEGO lover (adult or child) you may wan to look at these LEGO books that we highly recommend.

My Cricut came out of storage for the first time in over two years (I think) for this project.  My scrapbooking paper is mostly feminine, so I was glad to find something suitable for a boy.  Even if you don't have a machine to cut letters for you, you could print them or just free-hand them.

How would you use a personalized tray?  Or whom would you give it to?
~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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  1. Great idea. I just saw some Mod Podge in the store but have never tried it. Adorable tray and great idea to keep kids' Lego creations separate and in their own space while they play!

  2. This is a cute idea! I just discovered a jar of Mod Podge I'd forgotten about a couple of days ago. Maybe I can locate some trays like this before Christmas. I think my boys would love it. :)

  3. That is a great idea. I am totally lacking the craft gene. But I love seeing everyone else's!


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