Children's Christmas Letter Printable

Throughout the year as my children "Oo and ah" over commercials or their friends' toys, I suggest that they place the item on their wish list.  This helps them to understand that though they may want an item, they may or may not get it.  We don't actually create a written wish list together until December. This Christmas letter printable helps the children make their list. 

Free children's printable Christmas letter.

Last year I saw this Christmas letter on Pinterest. Somehow, I didn't pin it at that time, though I did print it.  I really liked the simplicity of it and how it limited the children's lists.  Making the children choose just four or five items requires a child to consider his or her priorities a bit more than giving them a piece of paper and asking them to write a list of everything they want.   This year when I tried to find the letter to print it, I could find no website for it.  Therefore, I created my own version of it, though certainly inspired by the other.  (If you know the original source, please let me know so I can give that person credit!)
I have quite a few friends who do not celebrate Christmas with Santa.  I think it's quite appropriate to write a Christmas wish list to parents or Santa, so our Christmas letter printable remains open for the writer to decide.

Printable Children's Christmas Letter

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The last line where the child can share something else may really show the personality of the child.  One of my children added another gift while the other wrote "I ♥ you."  It is also amusing to see what the children "need."  My five year old son struggled to think of something he needs.  It's good to know he is well-provided for!

This post is part of our Less-Stressed Christmas!
This week I am shopping a bit on-line and in stores.  I hope to get almost all of my shopping done soon so that the remainder of the month can be spent focusing on much more important aspects of Christmas!  Our Christmas photos are ordered (instead of a photo Christmas card) and the first draft of our Christmas letter is written.  I still need to plan my baking days and when I will make a few handmade gifts.  In the meantime, we are enjoying our Christmas books and focusing on the birth of Jesus.  We'll decorate this weekend, too!  The benefits of planning in advance for Christmas are definitely coming home!
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  2. I really like this! That was a great idea to leave the option of Santa open! Jonathan and I are on opposite sides concerning Santa, so we're somewhere in the middle. ;)


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