Chapter Books for Middle Grade Boys (or Girls)

We moved about five years ago, and with my husband in graduate school and a second baby's arrival, it just was not the right time to be have an outside, regular evening commitment.  After all this time, I have finally started tutoring again.  Tutoring fits me well, and I truly enjoy it.  Previously, I had worked with children recommended to my by my (former) principal or when the parents sought my help.  Currently, I am working with an in-home tutoring agency.  It has its advantages!
The brothers I tutor were talking about books the other day with me (though we spend our time with enrichment math).  As I was thinking about sharing a longer book list with their mom, it made sense to do it here, too.  Classic books are also an excellent source, but these books have been recently published.  This book list is for fourth grade boys, and older, in mind.   I enjoyed them all, so I'm sure girls will enjoy them, too.  I have read (or listened to) all of them.  Some are longer than others, so if you have a reluctant (or not excited) reader, you might consider them.  Some are suitable for younger, advanced readers (or as a read aloud/audio book), but not all of them.

(Let's just say that this post is proof that I'm not all about Betsy-Tacy, Little House, and Little Women, though I do think highly of them...)
(A series, though I have not completed it.)
(The protagonist is a girl, but I really think boys would enjoy this series, too.)
 Any book by Richard Peck

(And a few classics...)
The best of the best in no particular order...
The Mysterious Benedict Society
 The Westing Game
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe/Narnia
The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs

And really, you cannot go wrong with Richard Peck books.  He is a fabulous story teller, but I didn't include any specific titles which is why he is not in the top three.  :)  I am about to listen to The Hobbit for the first time; I suspect that book will be added to this list.  My husband read it this year for the first time and has requested it for Christmas.  (He is a big Lord of the Rings fan and has this nice set.  I have not read them yet, but have the feeling they are more for teens than the younger crowd.)

Need more book ideas?  For boys, girls, or younger children...check these other chapter book recommendations for you, from me.
Introducing Chapter Books
25+ CLASSIC Chapter Books for Independent Readers (or Family Read Alouds)
Books for Advanced Readers (This list comes from many people, with lots of variety.)

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}
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  1. We are currently reading the Lord of the Rings to the kids. I think you'll like it.

  2. Wonderful list! Lots of our favorites. Pinning and sharing it!

  3. I enjoyed reading your list and wanted you to know about these middle grade action-adventures & mysteries especially for boys...girls like them, too.
    Amazon Author Page

  4. I enjoyed reading your list and wanted you to know about these middle grade action-adventures & mysteries especially for boys...girls like them, too.
    Amazon Author Page

  5. Forwarding to my daughter and grandsons. Some of the best memories I have are of reading with my daughter and now she is reading to her boys :)

  6. Very good list...several of them I haven't heard of before. But my girls loved Mysterious Benedict Society, and a few of the other classics you have listed here.

  7. Great list! My 4th grade boy hate to read unless he loves the book- then I can't get him to stop reading :) It's just hard to find ones that he loves. We will definitely look for some of these.

  8. I have a fourth grade boy who loves to read. I'll have to introduce these to him! Right now he's working his way through the Percy Jackson series.


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