Being Intentional

Where we live, snow in the forecast we have good reason to anticipate a snow day.

When we have school closings, I try to think of at least one fun thing we can do together to take advantage of the extra time at home.  I want to be intentional in our time together.  Today is our second snow day in a row, so I thought I'd share.

First up, snow days means snow play (unless freezing rain is involved).  Our oldest children (7 and 5) are old enough to play outside by themselves where we live.
 The two year old needs adult (not sibling) supervision in the snow since she often needs help up or takes off her mittens.  That also give me the opportunity to bundle up and take a few pictures...and throw a few snow balls.  We also used our sleds!

I also like to make something with the children.  Our evenings are short and weekends often busy, this is a perfect opportunity to make something with the children.  We made Chex Mix the other day.  It's a fabulous kid recipe since there are many ingredients and they don't need to be measured precisely.  We also craft on these days.  We'll be making snow flakes today, as suggested by Big Sister.  I wanted to make chocolate covered pretzels, but the snow is intense enough that I'll hold off for another day so I don't need to get supplies.  Check out our recipes. Many are child-friendly!  You may be interested in our name snowman, shape nativity printable, or paper Christmas trees.

This is also a great time to just enjoy one another.  After playing in the snow, you can cozy up over a board game, puzzles, or LEGOs and DUPLOs.

We do enjoy having book parties.  Just gather lots of books to read in a comfy spot! Since it is the month of December, we had a Christmas book party and read many of our Christmas titles together.

What do you do on snow days?

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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