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Welcome November!

Take a peek around the blog today.  It has a slightly updated look, and hopefully easier for visitors to use!

Fall Apothecary Jar
This week I finally figured out how to add social media icons in a neat row without hassle.  A row of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the RSS feed icons are in the sidebar for easy subscribing.  You can now share to just about anywhere by using the icons at the bottom of posts and to the left of posts, as well, to make sharing easier for readers.  Just as before, you can also get posts directly in your email inbox.

Last month I also added a new item in the menu bar at the top of the blog called "Worth Owning."  For now, I have added some of our favorite books (adult and children) that are worth owning.  (Clever, huh?)  I would also like to add another grouping of items around the house that I recommend like Command Hooks, GelPro mats, Snap-Ware, and maybe even some toys and games.  Maybe it might even help with some gift shopping ideas for you.  As always, if you ever have a question about something I have recommended, just ask!

If you are in need of a simple gadget to add customizable social media to your blog, I would suggest exploring Add This.  (I have no affiliation with them; I just appreciated the simplicity.)

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing an item through a link, I will earn a small percentage. Thank you!`

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  1. I have always wondered how to do those media buttons! And, the worth owning shelf is an awesome idea!


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