Remove Rust from Clothing

This summer I bought a used bike for our oldest daughter.  (She just received it for her seventh birthday!)  As I was placing it in my trunk after buying it, all sorts of water oozed from the bike and it dripped onto my capris and sandals.  Unfortunately for my clothing, this water was rusty and ran for many inches down the hip and thigh of my capris.
I knew that rust would not easily be cleaned from clothing with typical laundering.  It didn't really show on my flip flops, so I wasn't worried about them.  However, I only have so many pair of capris so I really needed to get them clean.  I went to the internet for help.  (Sorry to say that I don't know which sites I used for the ideas...several said variations of somewhat similar things or suggestions that just didn't sound good to me.)
I opted to use lemon juice and salt to remove the rust stain from my pants.  I was rather liberal with the lemon juice and poured it directly on the stain.  Then I used plenty of salt and rubbed it.  I repeated this process until the stain was pretty much gone.  (The picture above was after I was already at work.  Obviously.)  When the rust stain seemed all but gone, I took the pants outside and laid them in the sunshine.  After a couple of hours I checked them and decided it wouldn't hurt to repeat the process, including the sunshine.  Then I washed them as usual.

Lemon juice+Salt+Sunshine= Rust Stain Removed!
The rust stain cleaning actually happened in July.  It's taken me this long to take the after photo to show the results of the lemon juice and salt to remove the rust from the clothing.  No sign of the rust remains on my capri pants.

Lemon juice also works effectively to clean brown stains from a dishwasher.  Consider it if you have well water, like me!

Last week I shared the lemon science experiments that I love to teach!

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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