Preparing Christmas Cards

I like to complete a few Christmas tasks prior to Thanksgiving.  Preparing for Christmas cards is one of those tasks.  This week, I hope to complete a few tasks.

We have a household binder.  Some people like to make Christmas binders to keep all things organized in one place.  These Christmas Card related items will be in the Christmas section of our family binder.  (Take a look at this free printable Christmas binder, if interested.)

Update Christmas Card List

I do not send a Christmas card to every person in our address book, but we do share a good number of cards each year.  New friends, getting reacquainted or better acquainted with old friends, and such means that a few new names need to be added to our list.  I try not to cross off names, though if I know an address has changed and I have no way of contacting the people, I do not send them a card. Note: Remember older folks. Even if they never send you a card, be sure to send them one. Include a personal note especially for them.

Update Christmas Addresses

Moves, marriages, and even the US Postal Service make it so we need to update our address books and Christmas card address lists.  I found asking on Facebook for changed addresses was very helpful.  At the same time, I also asked if anyone would like a card who had not received one in the past.

A note on Christmas address lists.  I know there are wonderful printables out there!  Try here or here, if interested.  I do something a bit different.  Using a Word document, I create a LABELS document, and insert all of the addresses I need right in it.  On occasion (like when Screaming Little Sister was a newborn), I do print the labels, but typically I hand-address the cards.  I don't feel the addresses must be hand-written; I just enjoy doing it.  By having ALL of my addresses in a document, I can easily change them and print them all out on paper OR labels.  I just cross them off as I send the cards.

Buy Stamps

Why not stop by the post office this week (or order on-line) to purchase the stamps needed to send your Christmas cards now that you can estimate the number of stamps needed?  It will be one less thing to do in December!

Buy Cards

If you send a real card and not a photo card, see about buying them this week while you run your errands.

Take/Schedule Family Photo

I know not everyone sends a family photo or a photo card at Christmas.  With young children, I do enjoy doing this.  If you have your photos taken professionally, you will need to schedule your photo session soon if you have not already.  If you take your own photos, keep in mind it may take a couple of tries before you get what you hope to have.  I will say that I definitely enjoy photos even when no children are included!  Do not be afraid to include a photo of just you, a special view from vacation, or your new fireplace instead of a family photo.  If you hope to send a picture of the whole family, ask a friend or neighbor when they can come and take the photograph.  I already shared a few Christmas photo card alternatives which are definitely needed with young children in my family!  They never smile at the same time!

Christmas Letter Thoughts

I know that we will attempt to write a Christmas letter this year, but I don't know that I will have time or energy to do it this week.  It will be rather busy.  I will keep it in the back of my mind just in case there is more time, though. I may not have time to write the letter this week, but I can take notes and scribble a few thoughts here and there.

TIP: Don't want to buy Christmas letter paper?  You don't need it!

In Microsoft Word 2010 (and likely others), if you go into Page Layout, you can make an attractive and colorful border for your Christmas letter.  You can also add photographs directly to your Christmas letter instead of sending a photo card!

What will you do this week to prepare for Christmas?  Please share here in the comments or on our Facebook page!
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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}
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  1. This is one of my FAVORITE traditions every year. I really LOVE writing up the family Christmas letter. It's a joy to me and it's fun to go back and read old ones. I also love receiving letters from other people (real letters!). It's just a pleasant experience all around for me, although I know that (regrettably!) not everyone feels the same.

  2. I still send out Christmas cards and an annual letter every year. I also make a point to stop at the post office and purchase Christmas stamps. I use Word to make "stationery" and mailing labels. It is often the only gift my loved ones that live far away get from me so I think it is important to get those cards out. I wish more people would send cards. Great post!


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