DIY Name Banner

This year I made each child a name banner on their birthday.  They loved it!

To make it, I typed their names in all capitals in a large font.  For the children with six letters in their names, I placed two letters per page in the horizontal/landscape format.  For my child with four letters, I placed one letter per page in the vertical/portrait format.

Then I printed one letter on regular paper to create a template for a triangle.  (E,W, M, and N are some of the wider letters you might use.)  Then I drew and cut the template making sure the letter fully cleared the edges.  To keep it symmetrical, I folded the paper in half.   (For longer names with the smaller flags, first I cut the paper in half before attempting to make the template.)  I used the template next to cut each triangle from the name printed on cardstock.
Lastly, I used a hole punch in the top corners of the triangle flags and threaded yarn through them.  And DONE!  Fun and simple birthday decorations that can become bedroom decorations! 
 Our balloon banners did not go to the bedroom, but they are just as fun and simple!
~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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