Christmas Photo Card Alternatives

Since our third child, I have had to get creative in our Christmas cards since a picture of all three children with smiles and looking in the same direction was impossible.  You can see some of the alternative options below, and read more about the group photo alternatives, too.  Keep in mind my goal is a less-stressed Christmas, not perfection.

A changed perspective.  Consider something different that still shows a personal side of your family.  The year Little Sister was born, I had taken a nice photo of their feet.  THAT became our Christmas card (and to this day it still remains the header on our family blog).  Inside the folded card, I had individual photos of each child (at that time it was available with affiliation, just explaining), with a large photo of Little Sister with her birth statistics on the back of the card.  It was a dual Christmas/Birth Announcement card with a total of five images (two 5x7 size and three small ones).  (That was a year I was dealing with Screaming Little Sister and a bit of depression.  No letter was written, but I was grateful to still send the card.)

Many photos instead of one.  Last year, I knew I could not take a decent picture of all three children in a single photo.  So we had a mini photo shoot.  I took close-up photos of the children with all the same background (blank wall).  I chose a photo card that had "holes" for three square photographs and cropped the photos to really focus on the children's faces.  I thought it worked really well.  It was certainly much better than any photo of the three of the children together, as seen above.

Just a 4x6 or two.  My cousin sends us 4x6 prints of her children each year.  I really like the simplicity!  This year, I don't think I will send a photo card!  Instead, I want to just send a 4x6 print of our family and hopefully a second one of the children.  School and sports photos are nice to include, too!

Photo Bookmark.  Instead of sending a family photo card or 4x6 print, make a photo bookmark.  Here is an easy photo bookmark tutorial from when we gave them as gifts on Mother's Day (and cute pictures of my kids).  (I also think they'd be great for missionaries or newlyweds to use as a reminder to pray for them.)

In the Christmas letter.  Lots of people include photographs right in their Christmas letter!  It allows you the freedom to include as many or as few as you like.  Only your printer's ink can limit you!

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Whatever you do, I hope you can capture your family's personality in a bit of a photograph...or at least show your best side!  Please share additional Christmas photo card alternatives!  I'm sure you have seen some neat things.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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  1. Love these ideas! I have seen families embrace the unique: like selecting something that reflects their family interests and striking a pose. We've received cheering sports fans and rock star photos.


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