Balloon Banner

In an effort to keep birthdays simple (especially when all three children have birthdays in the same week) I try not to go overboard on birthday decorations.  Yet, I still attempt to make sure each child feels celebrated with our little family (the five of cousins or grandparents close by).

This is a birthday balloon banner.  Bold colors in a wide doorway make it extra special.

To make your own balloon banner, you just need balloons and a needle and thread...oh, and tape for hanging.

String the thread through the tip of each balloon, like this.
 Be warned though.  Five and seven year old children see the balloon banner as a challenge to reach high in the sky to smack a balloon!

I have one more personalize birthday decoration to share with you from our birthday week.  In the meantime, you can read about how I messed up my daughter's birthday cake.  Birthday cakes are not intended to be time machines!

Do you decorate for birthdays?  Do you go all-out or keep it simple?  We have only had one birthday party with friends, and that was our Little House birthday party.  I went a simple way.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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  1. Oh. This would be extremely popular. Tucking this idea away.


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