Not That Busy, BUT...

My friend and I were talking about trying to get together.
As we discussed this, we realized that we don't seem so busy, but when we try to make plans with others, life gets complicated!

Do you feel this way?

We have bus stops, nap time, and three meals to be concerned about five days a week.  Three days a week we have preschool drop-off/pick-up.  During the fall my son is playing fall tee ball twice a week and my oldest daughter is cheerleading with our church twice a week.

It seems to me that busy is built into our days without extra commitments.

Before seven o'clock in the morning, my entire family has had breakfast (seven days a week during the fall).  Five days a week we head out the door for the school bus stop by then, too. We are up early and, thankfully, to bed early, as well.  In between we live our lives, busy as can be, even when I try to hold back!

I get overwhelmed easily when it comes to having company, running errands, or visiting friends.  Yet, I long for a deeper connection with a few of the women in my life.  Knowing my own limits, I know to pace myself.  If I have an appointment or obligation on Thursday, then I don't want to do too much on Wednesday or Friday.  I can be flexible, but I need to be honest with myself so that I'm not over tired and the laundry piles are not too high.

Each person is different.  While some thrive on busyness and being with others, I do not.  I am somewhere between an extrovert and introvert.  Maybe I am a low-energy-extrovert-homebody?  Is there such a person?  I'm not sure.  But I may be her.

Despite all of this, I still choose to say YES to other commitments in moderation.  Friends.  Volunteering.  Family visits.

Life is not all about my comfort and my needs.  I want to live life honoring to God.  I can't do that without leaving my four walls.

How do you pace yourself throughout the week, month, and year?

Makes me want to read the book Crazy Busy, reviewed at Reading to Know.
The photograph of the apple muffins is {sort of} related to this post.  The friend I want to get together with shared the recipe with me!  Thanks, Kellie!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. There is actually a word for the in-between - an ambivert is someone who has tendencies of both an extrovert and introvert.

    I, too, need to have some lower-key time before and after a social occasion or bigger event. I used to stress that I couldn't just go, go, go like some of my friends but finally made peace with the fact that I'm just not made that way.

    It does seem like it is harder and harder to get together with friends.

  2. I FEEL so busy these days, but then I feel like I have nothing to show for it. I like the idea of making sure the days surrounding an extra busy day are calmer. I'm an introvert through and through, but I completely agree with you on having to leave my four walls! :)

  3. I think you're an introvert, dear Annette. But that doesn't mean you don't love people!! You are a people-oriented introvert. Introvert just means you get your energy in your alone time, rather than when you are hanging out with others.

  4. Sandy, I love hearing your opinion. I have never read a book or educated myself on it...but your description might be spot-on. It's when I compare myself to my husband that I really wonder.


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