Fall Pumpkin Vase

Before I take a little blogging break, I thought I would show you this incredibly cute fall pumpkin vase.  We recently surprised my sister with a party for her fortieth birthday.  When her friend asked what was the theme, I sort of laughed and told her I only planned to decorate with balloons and little pumpkins (that the children would later decorate with markers).  I told her she was welcome to decorate however she wished if that was her "thing".  

She came up with these beautiful miniature pumpkin vases filled with fall flowers.  They were incredibly cute and perfect for an October outdoor party!  If you are curious, the pumpkins are the super tiny ones...the ones that cost about 3/$1.  I love that they lined the center of the tables, combined with the other miniature pumpkins, to create simply decorated tables.  

Now...I need to limit my time on the computer, so I will be taking a little blogging break.  See you next time!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Those ARE cute! I actually think I could possibly manage those. ;)

  2. SUPER CUTE! I just bought some of those pumpkins. I was going to let the kids draw on them and make faces. (I am not up to carving but I'm good with Sharpies.)


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