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We are a family who uses the internet for plenty of research.  However, having bound books as information resources is something we really wanted, too, especially for the children.  I don't think we need a full set of Encyclopedia Britannica, but I think we've found a nice compromise for now.

The New Children's Encyclopedia is a large, hard or soft cover book.  With over 300 large, colorful pages of information and graphics, my first grader quickly claimed this book of knowledge for her bedroom so she could "learn about everything."  She poured over the information, reading and absorbing all sorts of facts!  Occasionally she would ask a question about her latest reading or share something she found interesting.  Big Sister definitely gives it two thumbs up.

I also think this is an excellent overview of a bit of everything in one book.  With ten different topics covered, and more than 4,000 items in the index and tons of illustrations and photographs, this is an encyclopedia that will engage young and old.  This is a wonderful addition to our family library.  It would also be beneficial for a classroom library.  Kids love to learn when engaged!  I highly recommend this book.  For those who believe in a Creator, it is noted, though expected, that a two-page spread is dedicated to evolution, and it is mentioned elsewhere in The New Children's Encyclopedia, too.

Another great resource is Geography: A Visual Encyclopedia.  It is another large, hardcover (or softcover) and fully illustrated encyclopedia.  This book covers all things geography from the earth's crust to air currents, along with life on earth and countries' information.  The photographs are stunning throughout this fact-filled encyclopedia.  I look forward to using this 300 page resource when my children ask about blizzards, dust bowls, the rock cycle, or Zambia.  Geography: A Visual Encyclopedia is definitely a book our family will use and enjoy.

Both of these encyclopedias are from DK Publishers.  These meet the expectations of adults and children who love their highly visual and information-filled books.   At the time of writing, they are each available on Amazon for less than $20 for the hardcover, which I think is reasonable.   I definitely recommend these, especially if you have elementary or middle school aged children.  (They'd also make a great teacher gift!)

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}
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  1. These do look gorgeous. I've debated encyclopedias since internet is so handy and up to date, but books are so important, too. They do look like a great compromise.


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