Nightcap Tutorial

Books influence Big Sister (nearly 7) quite a bit.  Since we read a good number of books that take place during the 19th and early 20th centuries, she is exposed to things she would not be exposed to nightcaps.  (Thank you Betsy-Tacy and Little House!  Both books are on my list of Classic Chapter Books for Children.  We even hosted a Little House birthday party.)

For a few months she had been asking for a nightcap.  Have you seen one at a store recently?  No!?  Neither have I.  So I decided that she could make one.  You might remember that Big Sister had her first sewing lesson over Christmas vacation last year when she sewed a doll blanket all by herself.   

This nightcap is another child-appropriate sewing project!  (That link also includes some tips to help you have a successful first sewing project with a child.)

If you are looking to make a nightcap, I have some good news for you.  It is super easy!  Below I'll tell you how we used a pair of leggings to sew a nightcap.  My six year old daughter sewed this in a few minutes after I cut the fabric.
How to Sew a Nightcap (Even a child can do it!)
This nightcap tutorial uses a pair of leggings (that had a small hole in the knee).  Using the leggings made this SUPER easy!  If you do not have a pair of spare leggings, you could just use knit material.   Fold the material and cut a triangle after figuring out the head circumference. 

  1.  Make sure the opening of one leg will fit on the head.  
  2. Turn pants inside out.
  3. Cut a triangle in the upper part of the leg keeping two layers as seen above.  Better to cut too big than too small!  In the photo above, you can see that I left some of the factory stitching in place.  This gave the nightcap extra reinforcement.
  4. Sew one straight line along the length of the nightcap.
  5. Trim the circumference, if needed, since this will be left unstitched.  Being knit material, it will roll a bit eventually.  (Or at least I think it will!)
  6. Turn the nightcap right side out.
  7. Tie a small knot near the tip.
  8. Curl up with a classic book and go to sleep!
My daughter thought it was a bit plain.  Big Sister decorated it with permanent marker with the help of our cousin Emily.  We placed a piece of cardboard (cut in a triangular shape) inside the nightcap for protection, as well as more cardboard under it to protect the table. 

Quite honestly, she uses it more than I anticipated.  After her baths she typically wears her nightcap.  (Can you tell her hair is wet?)  She still loves it!  If only the pioneer bonnet I made for her had this much use!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I think that's adorably cute and clever. I saw this float by on FB and couldn't imagine which book it came out of but that's so cute! I love that your daughter takes note of such things. Heh! That's so fun.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your idea! My 7-year old daughter has been wearing it all afternoon after seeing a nightcap on Spongebob and deciding that she couldn't live without one. Your blog made her day in under 20 minutes! I put her photo on my blog and a link back to your tutorial. :)

    1. Lori, you did a great job! Nothing like a quick and fun fix to put smiles on our kids' faces!


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