Littlest Pet Shop Organization

When a child collects little toys, it can be tough to find a way to organize the set.  Big Sister has a nice collection of Littlest Pet Shop toys and accessories.  We have been using Snapware to organize the Littlest Pet Shop toys.

These Snapware containers have removable dividers inside each container.
Each container snaps into another Snapware container.  Additional Snapware containers can also interlock with this set.  The lid has a handle to make this organization solution portable.  When not in use, it stores nicely in a drawer. 

It works for us!
(These images are rather old, in case you couldn't tell.  Big Sister's hair is now down her back.)

This was the first way that I used Snapware.  Our pantry is organized with Snapware, too.

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  1. I should look into getting more snapware.

  2. What a great (and neat) way to organize! Thanks for stopping by. I think I'm only teaching college first semester...unless they ask me to teach second! Great to hear from you, Annette!


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