In 15 Minutes...

In the past I have shared how in 20 minutes I can actually get something done to tidy or clean around my home.  Sometimes we need a reminder to use whatever time we do have and use it wisely.

But sometimes, I am just so tired, that in 15 minutes of time, I take a nap!  That's right, I recharge my own batteries.  Some days I need to take a quick nap sometimes to function for the rest of the day.  If needed,
I do this as soon as my youngest is down for her nap, around noon (when the others are at school).  By then I have been up for six or seven hours, so it works well for me, especially if I had insomnia or a difficult night with Little Sister the night before.

I'm just keeping it real, folks.  None of us can do it all, and I for one, do not work well on empty.  (I'm a fairly low-energy person, too.)  Fortunately, I am a person who cannot take long naps (unless I am sick or pregnant), so a few minutes in bed is good for me and all of my family benefits.
~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I so agree - sometimes the best thing to do is take a break and nap! Some days, those few minutes are essential to a successful day (for me anyway).

  2. I've never done well with the 15 minutes nap, it always made me feel more tired.

  3. I've never liked naps, because I have nightmares. I seem to remember more details from nap nightmares. But, with 3 little ones, and the fact that I almost never get more than 4 hours sleep(if that) at a time these days, naps are a necessity some days! I'm right there with you! :)

  4. I am a big fan of the recharge nap as well. I can fall into a deep sleep that lasts for mere minutes but keeps me going for hours. I've noticed more and more often I practically just pass out and am out for about 15 minutes total. But then? Good to go! :D


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