Glimpses of Grace, by Gloria Furman

Glimpses of GraceGlimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home is a book I am glad I have read.  Gloria Furman and her husband are missionaries in the Middle East, but that is not this book's focus.

Instead, Furman shares how the simple and mundane things of life...really just life...can be used to and should be used to reflect upon our saving grace through Jesus Christ.  I really appreciated her writing style.  She is easy to read and practical.

She talks about life, laundry, hospitality and serving.  She discusses friendship, motherhood, and me-time.  Most of all, she keeps the focus on Jesus.  Furman writes...
"You muscle through the days and pray the nights pass quickly.  You lack thankfulness to God for the gifts he's given you; you avoid reflecting on the day out of guilt over your failures.  You fantasize about how other women live, your prayers lack emotional attachment to your heavenly Father, and you feel lost.  You're right.  You can't do this anymore, and neither can I." 
Then she later says,
"Whatever the 'this' that you desperately feel you can't do anymore, it's ultimately not about your circumstances.  It's about peace with God.  And God has provided a way for you to have that peace that dominates any and all circumstances, regardless of how difficult they are."
 Glimpses of Grace is a book full of value.  Thoughtful and practical, while focused on Jesus it is a book I can recommend.  As I was reading I started off strong...I was riveted!  Then I think I allowed myself to be distracted (probably by another book), and I didn't finish as strong.  (I honestly don't know how much of it was me and how much was the book.)  Regardless, this is a book that is encouraging for a woman, especially a homemaker, and especially if she has young children, though practical for all women.

Thank you, Crossway,  for providing Glimpses of Grace for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I've been seeing this one pop up but I took a pass on it. Wasn't sure about yet another book on grace. (And yet, now I'm reading one. Not THIS one but another one. And I am enjoying it. As you say though, I'm starting off strong and finishing poorly.) Oh well. At any rate, it's good to catch your thoughts on this title.


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