The Good Stuff

I feel like this past week has rushed by me.  It's the perfect time to count my blessings!

1. Last weekend we traveled to northeastern Pennsylvania to visit our families.  We stayed with my in-laws.  We didn't see as much of my family as we would have preferred, but it was a very nice trip.  Saturday my husband took the older children and me exploring in the woods behind his childhood home.  The only trails were deer trails!  Lots of fun.  We also live in PA, but it takes over five hours to get there if we make a stop.
2. Little Sister has successfully transitioned to her twin bed.  We like to move our children from the crib fairly early.  The older children also moved before their second birthday.  (She really has done well.  In about 10 days time since first introducing the bed, she has had to sleep in two other beds.  One for traveling-shared with her parents, and earlier this week she napped in my bed when plumbers needed to be in her bedroom during rest time.)

3. A huge plumbing job is finished!  Though our home is only five years old, the water pipes needed to be replaced due to corrosion from acidic water.  It was a three day job, and we are thankful it is done!  The house has a layer of drywall dust everywhere...and my husband hasn't even repaired the drywall yet.  Two rooms and the garage have holes in the ceiling.  Two more rooms and two closets have holes in the walls.  Thankfully our one year old has not had the urge to touch the insulation that is exposed!

4. More corn in the freezer!  My neighbor has a good bit of extra corn (she sells extra at a produce auction) from her garden.  I was able to freeze 5 dozen ears previously, and yesterday (when the water was turned back on) I did another 5 dozen ears.  I blanch and freeze corn so we can have sweet corn all winter.  It tastes significantly better than frozen corn!

5. My friend learned early that our daughters will be in the same first grade class.  I'm looking forward to another good school year!

Bonuses- ~ A tip I sent to Family Fun magazine was published in the September issue for getting the family outdoors.  It's rather exciting!
~ I was also able to place a rather large children's book order for our church library.  It is fun to do, but does take a bit of time.
~ Open windows with cooler weather!
I'm linking up (for the first time in months) to Friday's Fave Five!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Family vacations are so special!! Yay for your little girl transitioning to a "big girl" bed with no problems. We put our daughters into a bed early too and they loved being out of the crib! :) I hope your house gets all settled soon......enjoy the weekend with the cooler temps!

  2. This week did rush by, and it's amazing to me how quickly it went.

  3. Yay for little sister doing so great!! If not for Bumblebee needing a bed when he arrived(and not wanting to buy another one), I don't know if we would have moved Firefly to a big bed when we did. He did amazingly well, though! It made me wish we'd did it sooner.

    I'm thrilled for you that the re-piping is done! I hope all the after-effects don't take too long to fix. I can only imagine the kind of stress that adds to the day!

  4. Glad you had some time to visit family and Little Sister did well transitioning to a bed.

    The plumbing situation sounds like it could have been a nightmare. Glad that part of it is done and hope everything else is back to normal soon.

    I love fresh corn on the cob.

    That's so neat when friends can be in the same class.

  5. Nice to see your name show up in FFF once again!

    How fun that the magazine printed an idea of yours! I used to love that magazine when the kids were little and used quite a bit from it.

    Yeah for easy transitioning. That is a big step for a little one.

    I love corn. I did try to freeze it once.

  6. I've not tried freezing corn--I do remember an old neighbor who did and showed me how.
    Yikes. That's a huge plumbing problem. I'm glad you have your water back.
    Hiking those old trails sounds like fun!

  7. Lots of great faves, Annette! How I'd love to have frozen (real) corn in my freezer! I'm sure you're glad to have that plumbing problem fixed - wow!

    Love Family Fun -- how neat that they printed your idea! Kudos to the little one for adjusting to a big bed. Nice that it went easily.

    Hope you and yours have a great week ahead, Annette!

  8. Placing an order for the church library would be FUN!

    Glad you had a good visit with your family, even if you didn't get to spend as much time with them as you might have liked.

    Congratulations on transitioning to a twin!!


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