Backyard Tee Ball Practice

Some evenings if you were to come by our home, you would find the children outside with my husband playing catch or tee ball in the backyard.  (I may be outside enjoying the evening...or washing dishes.)

We began with a simple, wide tee appropriate for toddlers-four year olds.  It's great!  Then, just prior to playing tee ball with Little League, my husband introduced the tee seen above.

My tip for the day is to use old tennis balls with batting practice in the backyard.  More time up to bat and less time chasing balls is always a bonus!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}
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  1. Jonathan used to play tennis, so somehow we a ridiculous amount of tennis balls around here. Firefly loves to throw with them, but I don't think we've even thought to use them with batting practice! Great idea!

  2. t-ball is looming in our future (at some point). Then you might find us doing the same thing. :)


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