What's in a Name?

Tomorrow is a federal American holiday honoring the beginning of a new nation: Independence Day.  Though we celebrate this holiday on the fourth day of each July, let's help this and  future generations appreciate this historic day by calling it Independence Day.
(Stepping off my soapbox now...)
~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. No, that's a good point. I had an entire discussion with my younger children about what the holiday is about, and ended with "and that's why we call it Independence Day", and they said, "Ya, and we celebrate it on the same day as the 4th of July" - AAAAAAH! :)

  2. Joining you on the soap box - Yes - Happy Independence Day!!!! All kiddin aside it is vital we teach the next generation what the day is all about...

  3. I hate to admit I'm one of the guilty ones that has always called it "The 4th of July". You are so right, though! From now on, it's "Independence Day"! I need to teach my little ones right! :)

  4. Good point, thanks for reminding us.


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