It's Play Time!

Can I ask YOU some questions?  
1. What is your favorite book of all time?  
2. Name something that you are good at doing.
3. What is your favorite household chore? 

Just leave a comment!  I will also answer the questions in the comments.
I'll take this week off from blogging to have a bit of time with my family.  See you all next week sometime!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. It's hard to name one favorite book of all time - there are so many I love. Besides the Bible, of course, it might be The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. But ask me on another day and I'd probably give you another answer. :-)

    Something I'm good at -- hmm -- maybe over-analyzing. :-)

    Favorite household chore - that's hard to say as well. I don't really love any of them, but I love the results of them. I guess maybe laundry, because it's relatively easy. The machines do most of the work, and except for sorting and folding, I can do other things while the washer and dryer are going.

    1. Barbara, you made me laugh! Esp being good at over-analyzing! I'm excellent at procrastinating!!

  2. :D well, that's fun.

    1. You know my favorite book.
    2. I'm very good at decorating for events. I LOVE decorating for events. It uses my creativity in a way that I really, really enjoy.
    3. Hmm. When you use the word "chore" I can't think of anything. ;D But I do rather like cooking and baking.

    Have a great week with your family!!!

  3. I was out of town all week and didn't really have internet I am finally answering!

    My favorite all time book is To Kill a Mockingbird...favorite children's/YA is Emily of Deep Valley.

    I think I can say that I'm good at crafty projects...though not actual art.

    I love to bake and eat the goodies...and IF I can talk on the phone, I enjoy folding laundry...which is interesting since I tend to have about three loads waiting to be folded at all times!

  4. Once again, I'm clearing out tabs, and realized I never commented on this post.

    Favorite books(because I really can't pick one): Entwined(Heather Dixon), Wildwood Dancing(Juliet Marillier), and any book by Anne Elisabeth Stengl(they all kind of go together). So, fairy tale(ish) books seem to be what I favor. :)

    Honestly, I'm STILL trying to figure out something I'm good at doing. :S

    Favorite chore: I can't really say I have one. But, as I told Jonathan the other day: When I'm particularly stressed, cleaning is therapeutic for me(despite my dislike of it), and laundry/dishes is the first things I tackle. I seem to be able to see progress sooner with those chores, and that makes me happy.

    I really need to re-read To Kill a Mockingbird, because it's been too long. You ARE good at crafty projects!!!! :)

  5. As far as Classics go, Christy is a top favorite of mine. I think you (might) like it, too. :) I need to re-read it!


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