Grumpy Pants

Last week we went to family camp.  It was rather exhausting with a 20 month old, plus two older children, and making sure she gets the sleep she needs while we're all attempting fun.

The final night I told my husband I wanted to go with the Big Kids and him for ice cream after they used the pool.  It's amazing how voicing my needs made for an enjoyable night while the little one slept!

My husband being absolutely correct when he told me that I turned into Grumpy Pants at 8 o'clock.  (We can be thankful that was p.m. and not a.m.)  I fully agreed with him (despite it being well after eight).

Too often, I expect my husband to know what I want, even though I don't voice my needs or wants.  It turns me into Grumpy Pants.

Are you a Grumpy Pants because you don't voice your needs?  

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Oh Yes! :) We were fishing last night and after being super grumpy, I told Nick that my back was bothering me and that I would like to go home. He said, "Why didn't you just say that 20 minutes ago!" :)

  2. Isn't it strange how we try to stick it out, but really just make others unhappy in the meantime?

  3. Lesson learned! It's hard to always put it into practice, though, isn't it?

  4. So true! Just last week, I wanted ice cream after church(shakes at Sonic are half price after 8). Jonathan usually asks if I need anything before we head home. He didn't ask that night, and when I was grumpy at home, he asked why. Of course, there's no way he could have known without me telling him. ;) As Amy said, it IS harder to put into practice, as easy as it sounds.


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