Balloon Tennis

As part of our summer fun (and included on our Summer Fun Inspiration Poster), I knew I wanted to do this balloon activity.  I originally saw it here where it was called balloon ping pong.
 Using paper plates (ours are the sturdy type) and paint sticks, we created our own tennis racket.
 First the children decorated their handles using permanent markers.  We taped the handles to the back of the plates.  (Later they decorated the plates, too.)
 Then, they enjoyed hitting the balloons to themselves, and later even to one another (though better for older kids or for the child to be paired with an adult).  It was fun to see how many times they could hit the balloon before it hit the ground.  My son quickly renamed this Balloon Tennis, and I thought the name was more appropriate than Balloon Ping-Pong since no table is used.
I loved that this was fabulous hand-eye coordination, SIMPLE, and really FUN for the kids.  Another great thing is that it can be fun independently or together.  I have to say that I had a lot of fun playing, too.  My husband tried it, too, and enjoyed.  
They were constantly on the move!

Have you found ways to have simple fun this summer?
~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I love balloon volleyball, balloon tennis would be a huge hit here!

    1. I love that using balloons slows down the "sport" to a simple level that anyone can do!

  2. Balloons look wonderful and they can be used for different purposes. They look nice in decoration of any party. Nowadays there are variety of balloons available which can be used for the decoration. Sometimes the party are based on themes so these balloons also come according to the theme. Children like balloons very much, they play with it. The above idea is good to keep children engage in doing something. I like the idea and i will definitely use it when required.

  3. We play balloon hockey with pool noodles cut in half. Even the toddlers can do it!


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