Star Wars Gift Ideas

My husband is a Star Wars fan.  My children are becoming fans.  Since many others may be looking for gifts for like-minded people, young and old, I thought I would share a few ideas that we have (other than the movies themselves) and maybe a bit on a wish list.
Star Wars Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy by Matthew Reinhart.  This is an incredibly detailed and information filled book.  Each of the six pages have detailed pop-ups, plus additional smaller "books" on each page.  This is likely one of the best gifts I have ever given my husband.  I will caution you that this is not a child's pop-up book.  It is much too delicate in the details.  Our children are allowed to look at it only with an adult, and even then they don't operate many of the special features.  (It also helps me to know the story better!)  A follow-up pop-up book is also available.  Though we do not own it, I can only assume it is of the same great quality (and costs less).

Darth Vader and Son and Vader's Little Princess are cute books by Jeffrey Brown.  Each page has a different illustration related to parenting.  And Son is focuses on Luke and Little Princess keeps the attention on Leia.  My husband actually bought DV and Son for our children, and he will get V's Little Princess for Father's Day this year.  The children read love the style (and my 4 year old has much of the first book memorized).  But really, these are a perfect DAD gift, and we highly recommend them!
Star Wars Phonics Boxed Set was a set of books my husband chose for the children.  Not only are these books a nice, simple reader, but it helps a child to understand the movies better.  My son, especially, likes them, though both children request or read them from time to time.
The Jedi Path is a "training manual" that educates the Jedi knight on all things Jedi (and the Dark Side).  This was a book that I gave to my husband a few years ago.  Though he liked it, I definitely recommend the pop up book mentioned above more.
Star Wars peg people were a gift that I made for my children.  Linked to individual photos and helpful information if you are interested in making Star Wars "dolls" for someone or as a Star Wars craft for an older child.
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Star Wars: Mega Models was provided to me for review from publisher DK.  I promptly handed it over to my husband.  He has built Anakin's Light Saber and Baba Fett's Helmet.  (Also included are TIE Fighter and Yoda.)  The book suggests an age of 8-12 years, but this grown man who does enjoy a challenge likes these paper craft puzzles.  They really do take fine motor skills, but the project results are pretty impressive.  Prior to each project, a two page spread provides information about the item and photo images.  The directions are very clear.  No glue or tape is needed, and the images "punch" out.  The paper's quality is heavy and durable (unlike a similar book by a different publisher that I noticed in a store) and no glue is needed.  Disclaimer: This book was provided for review purposes, but I was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are my own.  Thank you DK!
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Darth Vader Alarm Clock
We have an alarm clock set aside to give to our son when we find a "cool" alarm clock for our daughter, too.  Many different styles are available.
Star Wars Legos
My husband would actually really like to get some of the (really big and quite expensive) Star Wars Lego sets...for himself.  I know he'd have fun with it, but with a one year old in the family and the cost, it's just not the right time.

So there you have it...bunches of gift ideas for your Star Wars fan!  Please leave a message in the comments if you have additional suggestions for us!

 Annette {This Simple Mom}

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing an item through a link, I will earn a small percentage. Thank you!  Also, Mega Models was provided for review purposes.


  1. Just so you know, my kids are now obsessed with the idea of making Star Wars peg dolls. Thank. You. Very. Much. :P

  2. My son in law and big girl grand are Star Wars lover/collecors. Great ideas.


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