Plastic Bag Kites

We have been making plastic bag kites for several years.  They are a quick and easy way to entertain young children.  Unlike a real kite, the wind is optional!

We've made plastic bag kites for our kids many times now.  They will sometimes request them when we have company.  It is such fun to see children running around the backyard encouraged by this simple homemade toy.  Even after they tire of running, they take the kites down the slide and such.  
To make your own plastic bag kite, tie the two handles of a plastic grocery bag together with a piece of yarn or string.  You will want to adjust the length of the string for the age of the child.  For young (2-3) I cut a three or four foot string.  For older children, I cut a 6+ foot length of string.  Consider tying a loop handle at the end of the string.  You can place it on the child's wrist or allow them to grasp it.  Once assembled, give it to the child and tell them to run!  The kite will fly behind them!

If you have a variety of shopping bags, you may want to use a different style for each child.  You could also personalize each plastic bag kite by changing the color of the strings.  My children have never asked to decorate the bag, but you could even do that.

Though these kites are made with just a shopping bag and string, we typically reuse ours a few times before recycling it.  This way the children can grab their kite when they want.

Young children should be supervised with these for their own safety as well as the wind could blow the kite away!
Check out our list of summer fun inspiration poster and our flexible summer schedule.  I'll be posting more summer activities throughout the summer!

For my regular readers...yes, that is a picture of Big Sister from a couple years ago.  I love the happiness the photo captured!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. This would be super fun! I vaguely remember doing something like this.

    Oh, and GREAT pictures.

  2. They are a quick and easy way to entertain young children. custom printed carrier bags Unlike a real kite, the wind is optional!

  3. Love it!! What a great idea for some last minute fun!

  4. Adorable! What a cheap way to entertain :)


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