Summer Smoothies

With spring and summer's arrival, our family drinks a lot of smoothies.  It's a real treat, AND it is super healthy.

I begin by putting all of our ingredients in the blender.  Flavored yogurt first, then juice.  These are followed by frozen berries and topped with bananas.

Quantities can be adjusted to your own tastes.  I measure nothing.  Scoops of yogurt, pour the juice, handfuls of berries, and break the bananas in half.  
 We blend on the "drink" setting of the blender, and add more juice if needed.  (I added about twice as much juice as shown above.  Sometimes it just doesn't mix well without enough juice.)

After blended, we pour into glasses and cups for various sizes.  My 18 month old and I had about the same amount.  The Big Kids had about 6 ounces each, and my husband had about 14 ounces.
Then we enjoy!
By using frozen berries, I eliminate the need for ice in our smoothies.  However, as my children get bigger and require more smoothie to satisfy them, we may need to add ice!

Typically, we use strawberry or strawberry/banana yogurt.  I prefer orange juice in our smoothies instead of other flavors.  I am willing to use any berry, but do prefer strawberries.  (I also have all of those ingredients on hand at all times.)  Raspberries and blueberries also work.  Occasionally, I used frozen bananas in the past, but really, any banana is fine.  I prefer at least two bananas in our family (with small children) sized smoothie, but three or four would be suitable, too.

What do you like in your smoothie?  If you've never had one, try one soon!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom} 


  1. Oh yes, yes, yes, we're big smoothie fans around here. I love experimenting with different fruits and flavors. I've also been dabbling in various extracts - like almond or chocolate extract which just adds a little bit of "YUM" to the otherwise already delicious smoothies. :D


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