A Small-Town Parade

We have lived in our small town in southeastern Pennsylvania for nearly five years.  This was our first year attending the Memorial Day Parade though.

It was the first time that we really discussed Memorial Day with our children and why we celebrate it...

After a chilly and windy weekend, the morning was sunny with comfortable temperatures.
Not many veterans walked in the parade, though more were in cars and even the retirement home's bus.   Our town is small, but every veteran deserves our respect and appreciation.

(Our son asked if any of the soldiers work with Daddy.  Nope, not these ones...)
After the marching bands (from our town's middle and high schools) went through, the firetrucks came through.  It was rather impressive line of trucks representing just one town.  Above, Brother and Big Sister are waving their flags.
Little Sister was given a lollipop from one ...and proceeded to unwrap it all by herself and then enjoyed her first lollipop.

I'm sure there are a few much larger parades a short distance away, but I'm grateful to support our town's veterans and parade!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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