Fabulous Baby and Toddler Books

Tiger Tales is at it again!  They create such fabulous picture and board books.  Today I want to highlight the most recent titles they have released.  I was so excited for the books they sent us!

First of all, I should remind you that I have a 17 month old daughter.  Around these parts, I refer to her as Little Sister.

She likes books.
She likes to eat books.
She likes to rip books.
She likes to turn pages in books.
She likes to read books...sort of.

You see, Little Sister is a typical toddler.  She explores with her hands and mouth.  She doesn't know her own strength.  Despite needing to throw away a few books and repair many, we allow her to explore board books to her heart's content because we want her to enjoy books now in the way she wants to investigate them.  Yes, she is hard on books, but she is finally asking us to read to her occasionally.

We have learned that Little Sister (and Brother before her) will listen to someone read a book, but only if the book has short sentences on each page so that she can turn pages quickly.  (I allow her to turn at her pace.) She also likes to point to the pictures and especially likes flaps (which are dangerous in her hands) and adores touch and feel books.

This set of Tiger Tales books is perfect for a child who is developing book skills and interest.  I appreciate how the bold photographs want my 1 1/2 year old want to engage in the books.  With flaps, textures, and tabs, she gains interest with each new book!  The images without a story facilitate language development as the child identifies things from the book and relates it to their own environment.  And you know I like books that facilitate language because of Big Sister's apraxia, right?

I really appreciate these new books from Tiger Tales which feature classic concepts of learning through interacting with books.  They seem to be very sturdy board books and of nice sizes for little hands to turn pages and see the images.

Personally, I love to give books such as these as gifts, especially for an expectant parent.  Keep these in mind when you shop for a little one or add them to your gift-giving stash now!

My First Lift and Learn: Numbers and Colors
With a handle built right into these board books, little ones can enjoy toting them around as they read.  Each book is Lift and Learn book.  In First Colors, each page asks questions like "What color is the strawberry?"  Under the flap it tells the answer and shows more images of other red items.  First Numbers offers a similar format with the question like, "How many ducklings can you count?"  It shows the answer with a finger-traceable number, along with another similar image as to what was on the flap.
My First Touch and Feel: Farm and Pets
Touch and Feel books have engaged two of my children when no other books would.  This pair of books is well-made.  I like the bold writing and short sentences.  Each book also teaches animal sounds or movement.  These promote language development and even hand-eye coordination as the child touches each texture.  Should I mention my daughter likes to lick the bunny's fur?

Things to Learn and Things to See
This pair of books has tabbed pages that engage toddlers in turning pages.  Each of these board books offers bold photographs and labeled images.  Things to Learn pages: Colors, Animal Noises,Shapes, Baby Animals, Numbers, and My World.  Things to See Pages: At the Park, On the Farm, At the Beach, At Preschool, At the Zoo, At My Party.  By interacting with these books, with an adult's guidance, a child's vocabulary will increase and he will gain a better understanding of his environment while discovering his world..

My First Puzzle Set: ABC Puzzle and Book
This set is for older kids since it include a jumbo (or at least larger-than-normal) 30 piece puzzle.  The book and puzzle come in a box with a handle for easy transportation.  The book itself is a paperback (though sturdy) alphabet book with many images for each letter.  The puzzle has an image and image word for each letter of the alphabet.

Thank you Tiger Tales for sending us some of these books for review!  All opinions are my own.
~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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