A Quieter Day

I have three children.  I rarely have an hour to myself...let alone a day.  I didn't have one on Saturday, but it was close!  It was a day with less responspibilities, namely Brother and Big Sister!

My husband took our oldest two children to Penn State's Blue and White (free!)  football game this past Saturday.  Little Sister was home with me, so I knew parts of the day would feel quite normal.
How did I spend my day?

I was up by 6:15, the usual time, to help get the children around and snacks and sandwiches packed for the day.

Summer Planning
The remainder of the morning was spent with Little Sister and a bit of planning for our summer. She was rather needy (more than usual), but I still worked a bit.   My husband's work is impacted by the government sequester, so we will not be going/spending as easily as we have in the past.  Trips to the zoo and such are a limited option for us.  I made a list of activities that the family would enjoy doing.  Most of them will be right at home...in the backyard or in the house.   I used my Pinterest boards of Fun, Faith Activities, and Summer for the most part, to create my list.  There is no reason to have Pinterest if I'm not going to use the fun ideas from it!

Favorite Movie
After I put Little Sister down for her nap, I made my simple lunch and put in one of my all time favorite movies, Return to Me which I hadn't seen in a couple of years.   (Derek may have bought it for me when we were dating, but that doesn't mean he likes to watch it.)  This was a real treat.  Most of my television/movie watching is done with Derek.  I rarely watch alone.

A Phone Call
I called a good friend who lives in Boston.  Then I washed dishes and folded some laundry.  Rather glamorous, huh?

A Friend and Pizza
A bit after 3 my friend arrived.  We visited for a bit, and then she took Little Sister and me out for a bit of pizza for dinner.  After she left, Little Sister had a bath and we settled down for the night.  It was fun to hear all about the day from the children who had a blast...including ice cream for dinner.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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  1. Sounds like a nice day! Do you know I have never heard of that movie? I'll have to check it out.

    OK, your comment about no reason to have Pinterest if you are not using it made me laugh. I so agree! Seriously though, I am ever so grateful for all the moms and individuals who post ideas which can be used (especially fun, free, or frugal ideas for the family).

  2. That sounds like a pretty awesome day! It's amazing how having only one child with you can make the day feel sort of vacation-like in it's own way. And you even had dinner out! Very fun!

    (I also like watching movies by myself sometimes. I do it very, very rarely but it's fun to do.)


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