What's for Dinner in March?

With the month of March's arrival, it's time for me to share what we'll be eating for dinner this month.  Some families are blessed to share two or three meals together as a family each day.  My husband leaves before 5 a.m. for his work about forty-five minutes away, so we only eat dinner together on weeknights. 

I plan my meals a month at a time.  After all my planning, we usually have 3-4 meals each month that are not prepared due to our leftovers.  Other times, I need to make spaghetti or some other quick and easy meal for whatever reason.  

Just last week, all of my meal planning was out the window.  Monday I was ill.  Then Tuesday-Saturday Little Sister was miserably sick with an ear infection.  She was sleeping/fussing on me almost all day long, each day, so my husband made a few meals (left overs, pancakes, fries and chicken nuggets) and I made a meal of spaghetti, grilled cheese, and took chicken tacos from the freezer for another quick meal.   Obviously, the ease, not the health was priority!

(If you are wondering as to the length of the ear infection, the meds she was given on Tuesday made her vomit, and we didn't get new meds until Wednesday.  And then it took many days to knock the infection out of her little body.)

March's Dinner Menu
Week 1
Chicken and noodles (freezer)
Beef tacos
Week 2
Roast chicken
Ham steak
Week 3
Cheeseburger pie
Pasta and Broccoli
Hot ham and cheese
Grilled drumsticks
Week 4
One pan dinner (I made a homemade version of it last month...but it was too salty.  After it is tweaked, I'll share.)
Cheeseburger roll-up
Ham for Easter dinner

As always, I'd be happy to share any recipes with you!  I'm linking up to Meal Planning Monday!
~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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