Hope Fulfilled {Siblings Together}

Some children are eager for a brother or sister.  Others are not.

Our first and second born children are two years and one week apart in age.  The first time Big Sister asked to hold Brother, he was able to crawl away from her.

I know we are blessed to have three children.  But my jealousy often tells me otherwise when I see how well some siblings get along in other households.  I am often amazed at the way brothers and sisters actually play together and how their squabbles are minor...without the shedding of blood or tempers raging.  What is even more amazing is how some children demonstrate love to one another.

(Once there was a bloody nose due to a purposely-placed fist in my home.)

In the past four years we have observed the children playing nicely together on occasion, but more often than play, they fight.  Fighting with words and hands.

In the past couple of weeks, we have observed big changes in our home.

Our oldest two children have become friends.  They still bicker and fight, but the intensity is not as high every day (hour) as it was before.

I already shared with you how they enjoy Legos together.

This past weekend, we took advantage of the sun shining and went for a walk.  They walked together...and ran ahead and waited for the other...and sometimes even held hands.
 Friday night they asked to have a sleepover.  Together.
I am so grateful for these changes.

Time to pray for lasting changes of the heart.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. Those changes are always so welcome, aren't they?

  2. SO sweet! I love those moments. Yes, they will come. They can be fleeting...but they're awesome when they happen. And they happen more and more. I love to see my young adult boys depending on each other.

    Thanks for posting hope!

  3. That is an awesome encouragement. It is so hard to struggle through these issues with our children and so amazingly WONDERFUL when we see fruit to our prayers.

  4. That is awesome! :) I'll admit also to a bit of jealousy when I see how well other siblings get along. There are those moments that melt my heart and give me hope, though!


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