Easter Cross Painting

I took advantage of spring break and a quiet morning at home to make a Christ-centered Easter craft with my two older children, ages 4 and 6.
First, I gathered my materials while the children tidied the toys.

12x12 cardstock
tempera paint (in the colors of the rainbow)
painter's tape
paint brushes
We also used cereal boxes, paint palettes, and cups of water to rinse the brushes.
I taped the paper to the box, attempting to keep the paper covered about the same.  Then I made a cross where the children suggested with more painter's tape.  The children wrote "Jesus is alive" beside the cross.  This was actually Big Sister's idea, though our inspiration painting also had it.  Actually, Brother traced the words, but it ended up not showing through his paint, so I rewrote his.

The children painted the background in their own style.  Big Sister loves rainbows, and opted to make a rainbow.  Brother's favorite colors are red and yellow, so he painted with those.

Remove the tape while the paint is still wet.  Encourage children to not paint too heavily.  The tape can pull up the paper where the paint is too heavy/paper too wet (at least on scrapbook paper.)  Each of our Easter paintings had an area that ripped, though with a bit of Scotch tape, it is not noticeable.
If you use water colors to paint, you could use the crayon resist technique.  Write words (with a heavy hand) with white crayons. When you paint over them, the crayon will show through the paint.

I was glad to have seen this simple (and popular) Easter painting  on Pinterest, which inspired our work.

Happy Easter, dear friends.  I thank God that Jesus is truly alive!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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