Introducing Legos {Responsibility}

We have been absolutely amazed at how well our four year old plays with his fire station Lego set.  He creates from his imagination as well as the suggested fire truck, race car, and helicopter.  For a child who has been known to misuse toys (like throwing the never-found Florida puzzle piece in the garbage from our wooden US puzzle), we were hesitant to introduce Legos, though we knew he would love them.

To help Brother have success with Legos, we set up strict guidelines at first as to when and where he could play.  He understands that he cannot play near his little sister.  Initially, he was only allowed to play Legos in the living room or at the kitchen table.  Slowly we allowed him to play in his bedroom (if the floor was clean), though the Legos still belonged downstairs high on the bookcase.  We made it clear that the Lego pieces were not to be "garbage" or "dirt" to be pushed around with his bulldozers or hauled with his trucks.

By giving him small amounts of freedom, he now understands how important it is that he be responsible for his Legos.  Brother has been responsible, he now can keep his Legos in his own bedroom.

In addition to his own creativity, Brother and Big Sister have enjoyed playing together.
Didn't you know that firetrucks and princesses go well together?

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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