Grocery List Printable {Free}

I shop with a grocery list. When my husband shops, he shops with a grocery list. A grocery list is a must if you meal plan or want to stick to your budget.

Throughout the week I add items to the grocery list which hangs on the refrigerator. Before we shop, I like to look at the on-line flyer to see what meats are on sale (so we can stock up and freeze). I also look at the next week's meal plan and add anything that wouldn't already be on hand.

For a long time I just used a small tablet, taped to the fridge for our shopping needs. Then I made this master grocery list. It worked fine, but it was time to change it! I wanted it to be organized by departments/store layout, AND I wanted it to not waste paper since we shop every week.  (When a family drinks about 6-7 gallons of milk each, shopping weekly is needed!) 

This new grocery list is organized by store departments!  Not only that, but it will still look and feel like a list since three lists are printed on one piece of paper.  


For Personal Use Only
The items we buy weekly (or almost weekly) that we don't want to be without are actually typed on my list. Bananas. Bread. Milk. OJ. Yogurt. Eggs. See the last category of "Other"? That works great if we need a few items from a store such as Walmart.

We've been using the printable grocery list for nearly two months now (in two different stores). It works well for us. 

What is your style shopping style?  Would this shopping list work for you?

I have more free printables!

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I live and die by having a grocery list. Often to the point of having tunnel vision and not noticing things in the store that are not on my list. (Sean always comes home with some new item I've never noticed.)I'm constantly saying, "WRITE IT DOWN." I group things on my list where they are in the store but my husband wreaks havoc by writing random items in the spaces I might leave between groups!

  2. I love usable printables such as these! Thanks so much! I'm now following you on Pinterest and facebook!


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