Sorry, Friends, but I have had to add the horrible word verification to the comments section.  This means when you leave a comment, you will be asked to type in a word and number provided to prove you are not a robot.  Though this blog is just one year old, I am getting an awful amount of spam through the comments.  Before it was only once or twice a week, but now these are just cluttering my inbox throughout each day.

I dislike doing it myself, but feel I have to now.  Sorry!  If you prefer, you could always leave comments through Facebook.  I'm just always thrilled with any feedback, you know!

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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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  1. I finally put a filter on my inbox so that I just don't SEE the spam e-mails anymore. That helped me solve the problem for myself at any rate! I totally get being inundated with the spam emails. YUCK!


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