Organized Pantry

I had asked for rectangular plastic storage for my pantry for Christmas.  With that, my sister-in-law introduced me to Snapware, a product that she uses and recommends.

She found a few sets on clearance and bought them for me.  So the week before Christmas, I organized my pantry!  As you can see, it was much needed.  My pantry is rather small, but I am grateful for it!  (I had already labeled my shelves about a year ago.  That helped immensely to know where items were, but it was still sloppy.)

You can also see that the floor of the pantry was awful.  Canvas bags, paper bags, potato chips (which we rarely eat), among other items.  The tube is for parchment paper which I love for baking cookies and such.

First I took everything out.
As I placed things on the kitchen table, I attempted to group them together with like items.  I decided to put a few items in a new home (baking cupboard) and relocated a few items to the pantry.  I believe one item was years expired, so that went directly to the garbage.

Next I decided which food items would be used in my new Snapware containers.  I opted to focus on the snack shelf.  We have a variety of crackers and pretzel type snacks, and I wanted them more accessible.  The sweet snacks are harder to find in the back (except the M&M's candy canes).  (I could still use a few more pieces of Snapware, too!!  I would love everything to be out of the original packaging.)

I also moved a couple of categories to a new shelf so they fit better.  Below are the AFTER pictures.  They were taken about two weeks after I originally organized the pantry.  Not all of the Snapware is visible, but it works well.  I especially like the type that have the ones that can be opened without unsnapping all four sides of the Snapware.
I created new labels for my shelves, too, complete with typed words!  I "laminated" them with packaging tape.  Some would strongly suggest that I label each of the Snapware containers, too, but I do not keep the same snacks in the house at all times.  And to write "Snacks" would be kind of silly, though I could label the packets, tea, candy, and rice.

You can't really tell, but the snack shelf has Snapware hiding behind the visible Snapware in the front.

I'm not sure if you noticed, but behind the maple syrup (only the real stuff in our house) is a different container.  It's a Rubbermaid Lock-It.  I like these, too, though both plastic containers have their advantages.
The floor of the pantry was shameful.  It was mostly bags.  I found new homes in the paper bag for all of them since most of them are canvas bags.  For Christmas the kids were given a lot of snack items (not by us).  I added them to the floor area in a Snapware container since 1) there was no room on the snack shelf, and 2) they could be forgotten on the floor.  Also on the floor is my parchment paper (in the tube), a small empty Snapware container-the perfect size for graham crackers-, and some Play-Doh hanging (from an "S" hook) and Play-Doh equipment on the floor.

I know most won't be impressed with the changes, but really, it is much easier to find everything and that was my goal!  Thanks, Steph, for the Snapware! 

UPDATE: Since writing this post, I have lined my shelves.  Take a look at the new organized pantry!
~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I'm impressed! When I was buying groceries, I had some coupons($2 each) for Snapware, but couldn't find ANY at my Wal-Mart. We've decided to slowly buy enough containers to get a good bit of our stuff out of packages, too.
    Your pantry looks great! Hopefully, I can finish mine today. :)

  2. I LOVE organizing things! It's And you've just given me ideas for today. :D

  3. I would love a pantry to organize! Right now I do have shelves in the basement that I use as a pantry of sorts and it could definitely use some organization. I love the thought of putting things in a seal tight container- it would definitely stay fresher than sitting in an open bag. Thanks for sharing!

  4. It looks great! I started keeping only open packages in the pantry and storing anything else in the basement. It forces me to get some exercise when I'm looking for something :) But it really has freed up space on my shallow shelves so I'm not knocking things over reaching for stuff.

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  6. I'm so excited to see your pantry transformation. Thanks for giving me credit for the Snapware although your motivation to get organized is the true reason that the pantry is much neater. I hope you don't wait around until next Christmas to get the rest of your organization containers and racks cause that would be too long for you to wait for the next feeling of getting your kitchen in order. Maybe we can visit sometime soon and help you out with ideas. I have been working on our house, but haven't gotten very far yet cause I keep changing my mind on what I want to do.

  7. I need about 4 or 5 hours to do this, and then I need to teach my family where it all goes...... Where will I find those hours?


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