"Oh, Pretty!" {Fridge and Pantry Update with Fridge Coasters}

Have you heard of Fridge Coasters?  They are liners designed for your refrigerator.  (But as you'll see, I found a use for them other than that...)  These liners are super absorbent for all those spills and ick that build up on your fridge shelves and drawers.  The liners come in a variety of colors and patterns.  
Fridge Coaster Dimensions
More importantly, they come in a pre-cut (and perforated for more even more options) cardboard-like liners that will fit each area of your fridge, but will not swell when wet.  When you place your order, you begin by choosing which style of refrigerator you have, and they'll suggest what you need so there is no guess work, though you can pick and choose.  

You can see below that the corners are rounded and fit my large door shelf nicely.  
 Fridge Coaster  makes cleaning the fridge simpler by just wiping down the liner instead of washing the entire thing.  (However, these do absorb liquids, so if lots of meat juices might mean it is time to recycle the fridge coaster.)  Of course, they also pretty up the fridge.
 I recently organized my pantry.  As you can see, I have the annoying wire shelves.  I used the Fridge Coasters to line my pantry shelves.  For my small pantry, I used one large and one original size per shelf.  They fit perfectly, covering all of the wires.
 When my 6 year old daughter opened the pantry, she said, "Oh, pretty!!"  I happen to agree with her.
I have to say I was hesitant to order my Fridge Coasters in such a bright color-purple-but am so glad I did. Our kitchen counter is rather dark...with black, gray, and green in it.  These contrast nicely, but really just add a nice pop of color to the kitchen's pantry and fridge.
Now it's time for my opinion of Fridge Coaster.  I certainly recommend them!  I was pleasantly surprised at the lightweight design.  I adore Fridge Coasters in my pantry even though that was not their intended purpose.  They add a great pop of color to our refrigerator while making it easy to wipe away any mess without removing shelves and drawers.  Though they have only been in my fridge for a week or so, I smile when I lift a jug of milk or another item and see pretty purple on the shelf.  If there is a mess, I can easily clean it.  I am frugal though, and our budget is tight.  I may not replace all of the liners when they have absorbed all they can, even if I like how they look and perform to keep my fridge clean.  I am anticipating enjoying these in my fridge and pantry for a long time!

Thank you, Fridge Coaster for providing these products for review purposes.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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