Favorite Schiffer Titles

Schiffer Publishing gave me plenty of titles to read, enjoy, and review.  Today I am sharing my very favorite titles with you!  I appreciate the variety in the stories and quality of the hardbound books.  Be sure to return tomorrow for more Schiffer titles and a GIVEAWAY of your choice!

Squirrel Rescue by Jennifer Keats Curtis is a book that will entice children who like realistic picture books.  Realistically illustrated by Laura Jacques, the images capture not only the squirrels, but also their environment in great detail.   An afternoon of catch football is interrupted when a little squirrel climbs Andy's leg.  Matt and Andy care for the squirrel by placing it in a box with a blanket while the mother rebuilds their nest.  It is obvious that much research went into Squirrel Rescue, including a wildlife rehabilitator consultant to ensure  accuracy.  There is a brief statement in the story that, I believe, could  mislead children to thinking that they can always touch a baby animal without the mama animal minding.  (My understanding is that some mama animals won't care for their young if a human's scent is on it.  This may not be the case with squirrels, I just would have liked for clarification for the reader's sake.)  This really is a great book, but would have preferred the phrase, "What the heck?" to not be used.  In my opinion, it is not appropriate for a character to model it for young readers (or preschoolers).

One of our favorite Schiffer book from this group is Shadows on My Wall.  It is cleverly written and illustrated by Timothy Young.  Each illustration shows the same night scene of a boy in bed and the large shadow on his wall.  The ordinary shadows from the street lights sometimes make the boy see scary things.  The boy overcomes his fears by turning them into fun thing to play with by using his own over-active imagination.  When a fierce dragon shows up, he makes a friend for him using his hands to create a shadow.  When wriggling aliens visit, he gets up and dances with them.  The final pages of the book include illustrations to help the reader make shadow puppets using their hands on their own wall.  (For those who like creepier and frightful books, you might check out They're Coming, also by Young.  I'm sure some would relish in the spookiness, though our family does not.)

Another book that the children really enjoy is Monkey of the Month.  Adam Kramer tells the story in rhyme and David Kramer boldly illustrates it.  A young boy is bored with mundane birthday gifts until a special membership arrives as his birthday gift: Monkey of the Month Club.  Every month a different "monkey" arrives.  The first is very helpful washing dishes and mopping floors...but not all are so well-behaved, and having so many animals in the house does get to be rather interesting. Eventually Mom sends them all out the door.  As you might guess, though, one month later there is a knocking at the door-but it's a surprise! This book is entertaining and funny!  Though not all of the animals featured are truly monkeys (gorillas and apes are not monkeys), most children will be enjoying themselves so much they won't notice.

Thank you, Schiffer Publishing for these copies for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.
~ Annette {This Simple Mom}

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