Whoville Hair and Other Favorites

Hmm...my week!  I know all week I was waiting for it to be closer to the weekend.  Now that Friday is here, I am hoping a birthday present arrives today in time for tomorrow's birthday party for a young friend.

It's time to count five blessings of the week!

1. Big Sister's "Holiday" Show.  (In quotes because I do not like to use that term.  It's Christmas, folks!)  Big Sister had her first time elementary production.  Her kindergarten class performed the song, "The Grinch."  She did well, as did all of the children.  We were encouraged to make a Whoville hair-do and make cheeks rosy with lipstick.  

Her hair is short enough, the best I could do was a pony tail on top, plus two more in the back.  In case I don't get around to sharing how I did it in its own post, I put her shoulder-length hair into eight ponytails, with four on each side. I then pulled the ponytails that were side-by-side into one ponytail, and eventually brought six ponytails together to form the "cascading" ponytail on top of her head, leaving two in the back to be a bit goofy.  It may not be the typical Whoville hair, but it was cute and different enough from her norm that I was satisfied.

2. Babysitters.  Friends came to watch the younger two children (it was bedtime and Little Sister does NOT sit in laps) for the musical.  Then on Saturday morning while my husband was taking a test for work, my mother-in-law suggested I got out for a bit on my own.  Then Saturday night Derek and I went Christmas shopping since she was still visiting.

3. Another EEG over.  Have you ever been forced to sleep deprive a four year old?  It isn't pretty.  Actually, my husband stayed up with Brother on Sunday night until midnight.  He said it was fairly easy with the help of Toy Story and Cars.  Monday was a bit of a grumpy day though...as was Tuesday.  We have no results of the EEG itself, and we are okay with that.  (You can read more about Brother's seizures here.)

4. New recipes.  I tried two new recipes on Thursday.  The pork chops were good enough to likely make again, but the rolls, with a slight modification were wonderful!  I will post my adaption later, but for now check out these one hour rolls.

5. Bible Study.  Actually, I should call it a book study.  We've been meeting twice a month since mid-September, but this week was only my second time going for various reasons.  If you haven't read Shepherding a Child's Heart  by Tedd Tripp, I definitely recommend it, but I still like Don't Make Me Count to Three (linked to review at old blog) paired with it for seeing how it is implemented in the craziness of life.  

I'm linking up to Living to Tell the Story for my Favorite Fave Five.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. The hair-do turned out cute!

    What a blessing to have some time out while you m-i-l could babysit.

  2. I have all the items to make the rolls, so guess what's on the menu this weekend?

    I have read and recommend the book by Ted Tripp. I will have to check out "Don't Make Me Count to Three." Boy, if I had a dollar for every time I said that!

    So glad the EEG is over. I hope you hear the news soon. I pray it is is good news.

    Have a great week, Annette

  3. I will keep your little boy in my prayers! keep us posted!!
    That hair do is perfect and she is a cutie!!
    I work in a public school and we say Christmas but we are also careful to say Holiday because we have such a mix of different religions here in our area of New York State (a little north of the capital). In the special ed class I am involved in we have someone who celebrates Hannukah AND Christmas, several who do just Christmas, 2 who do Diwali (they are Hindu) and 2 who do Christmas (secular) but are Muslim so do their Muslim holidays. I also have a little boy who celebrates Christmas AND Kwaanza as he is african american! It's quite the mix! so to the parents on cards, etc. I just write Happy Holidays...it's easier and less time consuming! LOL...i DO like though that my daughter's concerts have had LOTS of good Christian Christmas music!! WHOO HOO!! we are blessed.....


    1. That is great that you know what your students celebrate and are sensitive to that!!

      Faith, my daughter's holiday show had songs only depicting Christmas, though I am sure that there will be a handful of non-Christian faiths represented. If they had chosen a wider range of songs, it would have made sense to call it a holiday show...but they were just Christmas songs from movies.

      If someone does not celebrate Christmas, I don't think they need to say Merry Christmas...but it just becomes so awkward when everyone is avoiding the word Christmas...for things like trees and decorations, let alone the celebrations.

      Off my little soap box now...

  4. oh I totally agree!! good grief...if the entire show was CHRISTMAS songs why in the world didn't they just say the Christmas concert??? LOL...so weird!!!!! Maybe it's a PA thing?? although from what I am hearing, it is this way around the world more and more.....kind of sad, that most people don't understand the Reason for the season, huh? i am so thankful that at my daughter's concerts so far (she has another one on tuesday) they have done mainly CHRISTMAS pieces, a couple of classical, a baroque, a Hanukkah, and a regular secular one about winter. the title on the program said Winter Concert but when they greeted the audience they said MERRY CHIRSTMAS! (yay!!!) thank you for visiting my blog and enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

  5. The hair turned out adorable.

    How great that you had some time to yourself and then had opportunity to go shopping with your hubby! That's a real blessing when one has small kids.

    My friends daughter had that test too for the same reasons and it was hard enough with her being a teen. I can't imagine sleep depriving a child so small. Glad he got through it with a couple good movies.

  6. Yay for a little time out on your own! Hope you enjoyed that thoroughly!


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