Tiger Tales Books for Children

Since I have begun to review books, I am very curious about publishers.  When examining a book for purchase or while reading, I often take a peek to see who the publisher is.  It wasn't too long ago that I was looking at a book and guessed that the publisher was Tiger Tales, though it was not that I had reviewed.  Tiger Tales' books all tend to have illustrations that catch the eye while telling a good story.

A while back, Tiger Tales sent me a box of their latest releases to enjoy and review.  Today I am eager to share with you our favorite titles.

The Really, Really, Really Big Dinosaur, by Richard Byrne, certainly makes our top picks.  The kids repeatedly request it.  Jackson, a small dinosaur, is counting out his jelly beans for himself and a friend when along comes a bigger bully dinosaur.  I think the delight for my children (and me watching) is when they realize that the Jackson and the big dinosaur are actually walking and sitting on the Really, Really, Really Big Dinosaur!

The Fox in the Dark, by Alison Green, is a gem of a story.  All the animals are running from the fox in the dark...with reason.  The fox is pursuing all of these animals right to Rabbit's home.  Just as Rabbit runs out of room in the cozy bed, Fox Cub arrives.  They are all surprised to learn it is a little lost fox looking for his mommy.  Momma Fox arrives and ....

Counting Birds, by Jing Jing Tsong is a fun board book for those who like silly words and sounds...which would be most children!  As each bird arrives in the singing tree, they add their own voice.  By the time five birds arrive they are singing, "Tweet!  Tweet! Tikka-ka-ka!  Coo!  Chee-chee!"  After all ten birds are comfortably singing in the tree a surprise comes to make it a napping tree for a different animal.

A great gift for a young (2-4) new big brother or sister would be I Have a Brother or I Have a Sister.  Written by Smiljana Coh, each book celebrates the joys and love of big brother/sisterhood, while remembering what they were like when they were a baby .  Though similar, each book is unique in itself.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. I got a box too! I like the Counting Birds as well and I thought Fox in the Dark was pretty cute too!

  2. Counting Birds is seriously cute, is it not!?


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