Christmas is Coming!

It is such a blessing to be able to consider these days leading up to Christmas...considering God's faithfulness born in a stable.

1. Christmas preparations.  Early in the month we set our our Little People nativity, Jesse Tree, and Christmas books, but now the stockings are hung and the tree is decorated.  Actually, due to Little Sister, we only decorated the upper two-thirds of the tree.
2. My husband shopping.  I did a bit of shopping this week, but what I really appreciate is my husband's willingness to shop, too.  He often buys our groceries, especially in the summer when the three children are home daily.
3. Visiting a friend and Visitors.  It's just nice to have company and to take the time to visit a friend.
4. Hand-me-downs.  Big Sister was given some very nice hand-me-downs this week.  She can't wait!
5. Homemade Chinese.  I made beef and broccoli this week, AND it was good (according to the adults in the house).  The recipe is on my Pinterest board, and you can find it here.  I also made some good cookies and fudge this week-mostly to share.

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What was the best part of your week?  Leave a comment or link up with Friday's Fave Five at Living to Tell the Story.

~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. My kids didn't often get hand-me-downs -- they were the first grandkids on one side of the family and the last on the other side. It's a blessing to get some!

    It's a big help when hubby can lend a hand with the shopping.

    The visiting and baking and shopping all sound very cozy and Christmasy!

  2. Hand-me-downs are the best! :) My sister in law just gave us several boxes of clothes. Both of our boys wear about the same size(Grasshopper wears a bigger size only due to being a bit taller, and Firefly wears the bigger shoe), so they've both benefited from them. I can imagine Big Sister's excitement!

    We don't do a great deal of new meat dishes around here, but whenever I DO make something new, it seems to come from you. ;) That beef dish looks like something we might enjoy. I occasionally get soy beef(or chicken), so I can eat what everyone else is having. Plus, right now Grasshopper LOVES broccoli("trees"). :)

  3. My daughter and son are the oldest kids on both sides of the family, so no hand-me-downs from family! Thankfully once in a while a friend thinks of us!

  4. I heart hand-me-downs. And trading clothes as adults is good too.

    Isn't it great when the husband shops? Mine does too:)

  5. i love it when my husband long as he sticks to my list and doesn't buy a ton of processed or junk foods! LOL....yay for hand me oldest daughter used to get a TON of stuff from her older cousin and now my youngest wears many items that her big sister passed down....sounds like you had a lovely week!!

  6. Hand me downs were a staple in our family too, even with my oldest. Generous friends and relatives of relatives were so giving!

    Mine hubby just made a bread run for me which I really appreciate.

  7. Yummm - beef and broccoli. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will def be trying this one soon. Maybe even freeze some of it since there is only one person in my household now.

    How fun (and emotionally calming imho) to do some visiting esp when life is so hectic right now.

    I had to smile when you said you only decorated the upper 2/3rds of the tree. I remember those days. ;)

  8. Chinese food can be tricky so congrats on your success! Sometimes when I make it, it's well-loved. Other times? Not so much.

    It's awesome that your husband is happy to shop for you! That's a blessing. As are hand-me-downs!!

    Merry Christmas! (I now feel pressed to say this as many times possible.) ;)


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