It's been a long two weeks since I last shared the big and little things for which I am grateful.

Let's see, for weeks 38-39 of Friday Favorite Five...

1. I am mostly over my bronchitis and I've been able to sleep in my own bed for several days now.  I'm even cooking again, and I think I made it through Thursday without a nap.
2. Brother is mostly over his bronchitis.  And it seems that no one else seems to be sick.
3. Brother had been seizure-free for three years and a couple of days.  He had been off his anti-seizure medication for seven months.
4. When brother had his seizure last Friday, I recognized it for what it was, though it was very different than his first seizure and only a few minutes in length!  (This seizure had no convulsions.)
5. Brother's seizure confirmed that the first seizure was not a fluke.  (We thought it may have been.)  It also gives us confidence that not every seizure will be life/brain threatening, being that the first was three hours long.
6. My husband had last Friday off from work, so he was able to stay home with Little Sister while I took Brother to the ER.
7. Dr. B., Brother's neurologist, was on call so we were able to meet with him in the ER after a few hours.
8. Brother fully recovered from his seizure.
9. Though we do not like what Brother's medication is doing to his personality/behavior (aggression/anger), we are comfortable knowing that God formed his four year old brain wonderfully, and we accept epilepsy respectfully, but without fear.
10. Being able to vote and knowing God is the one really in control.
And a new haircut for me.  Only slightly different.  Most won't even notice any change.  (My 6 year old noticed though!)
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~ Annette {This Simple Mom}


  1. So glad you and brother are doing well. I'm sorry he has to be on the medication but glad something is available to help.

    I'm so glad for the privilege to vote, too.

  2. WOW I can't imagine what that is like to experience as a mom. I had a child when I was a prek teacher that would have grand mal seizures and they are scary. So glad that he is doing better but sorry his meds are making him aggressive. Maybe after he has taken them a while they will even out?!

    I to am glad for the right to vote, we have so many rights and privileges in this country that we take for granted.

    Shannon @ Butterfly Wishes Wonderland Dreams

    (it was too hard to blog 2 blogs so I stopped loving my semi country life and combined it with butterfly wishes and wonderland dreams)

  3. What a blessing that the neurologist was there when you had to go to the ER. Hopefully the side effect of the meds on your son's personality will work itself out. I'm glad he has recovered fully!

    Yay for fresh haircuts. I'm desperately needing one!

  4. So glad to hear so many blessings have come out of a rough situation. I need to get one of those haircuts when I can find the time...

    And glad to hear everyone's feeling a bit better! Have a good week ahead.

  5. It's so good to read how you and your family have dealt with your son's seizures and good to know God has provided what you needed this week.

  6. I'm sure you are thankful for the timing on your son's seizure although I know you're not thankful for the event.
    We should never take our opportunity to vote lightly--it's a privilege we have.

  7. What a week ! Bronchitis must be international in the moment, I had it too for 3 weeks and it just stopped !

  8. I was thinking when I saw your profile pic that I liked your haircut. I'm not sure if that is the new cut or the old one but it's very nice either way.

  9. Ohhh, sleeping in one's own bed surely is a blessing. I hope you have many, many nights in a row of this blessing.

    I am so sorry to hear about brother's seizure. How awesome though to see that his brain is growing normally.

    Having God's involvement in our lives is a comfort and does give us the strength to carry on.

  10. Hey! We haven't gotten to see YOUR new hair cut!!!


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